Sunshine bakery Schools recycling initiative 2017

Sunshine Bakery’s 2017 schools competition closed at the end of the year with just over 80 schools from the Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and Durban area taking part. Pupils had to bring in as many empty Sunshine bread bags for recycling as they could, to try to win their share of prizes totaling R52,500. To make sure all schools stood an equal chance, regardless of their size, the winning schools were those that brought in the greatest number of bags per pupil.

During the competition over 350,000 bags were collected and sent for recycling, a great achievement. Depending on the quantity of empty bags returned Sunshine Bakery also donated money back to each school, with some schools receiving over R3,000 just for the empty bags!

Winners to be announced soon……

A short message from one of the teachers at Prestbury Primary….

“What we love at Sunshine about this competition is that it has four key parts to it. Firstly we are able to talk to

the pupils about nutrition, including the importance of having less salt and Vitamin D. The salt content in

Sunshine bread is amongst the lowest on the market and we are the only bread which has added Vitamin D.

Secondly, not only do we get to support the schools in our area, but by giving to a charity the pupils also learn

about giving back to those in need. And last but not least we also start to teach them the importance of

recycling and looking after our environment” says Taki Anastasis, Sunshine Bakery MD.