3. What is the Best Way to Keep Bread Fresh?

Ideally, bread should be stored at room temperature.

Wrapped bread:
* Sliced and wrapped bread should always be kept in its wrapper. The ‘best before’ date will be displayed on the quick lock or wrapper.
* Bread is best stored in its original packaging, tightly closed with a quick lock or twist tie. Stored this way, most bread will keep fresh for a few days at room temperature. In warm humid areas, where mold growth is a problem, it may be best to freeze the bread and defrost slices as needed.
* Wrapped bread may be kept in a freezer for up to three months.
Avoid storing bread in a refrigerator. The average temperature of most domestic refrigerators is about 5°C. This is the temperature at which bread stales most quickly. One day in the refrigerator is equivalent to three days at room temperature.

The freezer is the ideal place to store bread for keeping beyond its ‘best before’ date.
Wrapped bread will keep for up to three months in the freezer. Defrosting a loaf at room temperature can take a few hours.
Source: the Federation of Bakers