700g sunshine enriched low g.i. seeded bread

Sunshine Bakery Enriched Low G.I. Seeded Bread tastes great and is high in Vitamin D, Vitamin B (B2, B3 & B6), Zinc and is naturally cholesterol free. Our quality bread is high in energy, a source of fibre and protein and low G.I. too. A slow, steady release of energy, keeping you feeling full for longer. Enjoy the fresh aroma, taste and Sunshine softness. Vitality, freshness and Sunshine in every slice.

Save with Sunshine Bakery Bread without any compromise to taste or quality whatsoever,as Sunshine Bakery Bread is competitively priced and usually sells less per loaf then competitive brands.


Sunshine Bakery breads can be frozen for later use. The manner in which our recipe locks in moisture means all Sunshine Bakery breads toast fantastically.

Shelf life

Sunshine Bakery Breads stay fresher for longer. For best results, look for the Best Before date stamp printed on the shelf-facing side of every pack.

Nutritional table