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Sunshine in the community

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Sunshine in the community

As a wholly South African owned entity, Sunshine Bakery is committed to making a sustainable contribution to the economy through investment and the creation of employment opportunities. Sunshine Bakery looks for ways in which to effectively support the communities we serve, such as supporting smaller contractors to enable them to progress and grow into viable self-sustaining small businesses. In addition, Sunshine Bakery supports many charitable organizations through donations (either bread or monetary).

The importance of good Nutrition:

Eating a nutritious well-balanced diet is a challenge for many South Africans, which Sunshine Bakery is all too aware of. Not only is Sunshine Bakery bread fortified with essential minerals and vitamins, but it is the only bread to be enriched with Vitamin D, which is vital for the promotion of healthy bones and teeth as it helps with the absorption of Calcium and also assists with having a healthy immune system.

Eating just two slices of Sunshine bread will give you at least 26% of your daily Vitamin D requirement.

Focus has also been turned on the amount of salt we have in our diet these days, as more and more people are beginning to have high blood pressure. Legislation is coming into effect shortly to curb the amount of salt in food we buy. Sunshine Bakery bread is lower in salt than many others and we are well positioned to meet the requirements of the new legislation.

Corporate social investment

Since its inception Sunshine Bakery has actively looked for ways in which to give back to the community. Sunshine Bakery recognizes that there are many worthy organizations in the community and each year Sunshine selects several to support.

Sunshine currently supports the following:
Singakwenza, a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization providing Primary Health Care and Early Childhood Education, primarily to rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal (

  • Mooi River S.P.C.A
  • Pietermaritzburg S.P.C.A
  • Gift of the Givers Foundation
  • iThemba Trust Sweetwaters
  • Howick Hospice
  • Siphakeme
  • CHOC Foundation
  • The Benjamin Generation Orphanage
  • The Menagerie

For more details on the Schools Competition, please visit the Competitions page.

Our commitment to recycling:

Sunshine Bakery is a keen supporter of recycling initiatives, actively recycling as much waste as possible within the organization. Sunshine Bakery also encourages recycling by consumers and the recycling of Sunshine Bread bags is a key part of the annual Schools Competition. Pupils are educated about the importance and benefits of recycling and are asked to bring their empty Sunshine Bread bags to school for Sunshine Bakery to collect for recycling. In addition, schools receive money for the bags returned, also benefiting each school directly.

During the 2014 competition over 170,000 empty Sunshine bread bags were recycled and Sunshine is aiming to increase this amount further during the 2015 competition.

Singakwenza has requested some of the recycled bags from Sunshine Bakery, which they then use to make skipping ropes! Each skipping rope is made using 40 recycled bags. Sunshine Bakery is proud to be part of this process and is happy that the Sunshine is being spread further and further!